Capacity Building In Higher Education Focussing On ICDE''s Involvement In Quality Assurance And Capacity Development In Distance And Online Education 436
Distance education for sustainable development: Lessons learned from Indonesia 556
Distance Education As Tool For Sustainable Development: A Point Of View From The Fifth Discipline 385
Open And Distance Education For Sustainable Development: Lessons Learnt From Vietnam 452
Open Learning in Singapore 496
Web Based Learning Support System at Universitas Terbuka 421
Blending in the "e" Effective Education at the OUM 379
Comparative Assessment for Selected Web-Based 392
Contribution of Distance Teacher Training to National Quality Education 397
Gender and Distance Education: A case on UT’s female student 421
Professional Training of Tele-Tech Distance Education 395
The Potential of Interactive Web-Data Based Programming Using PHP & My SQL for Networking & DT: Lesson from SEAMEO-ADB HIV Aids Ed Project 407
The Effectiveness of E-mail in Helping the Learners Approve Their Writing Skill: An Exploratory 326
Effectiveness of Online Discussion Forum at Open University Malaysia 381
Building and Managing E-Learning Infrastructure in Higher Education 361
Virtual Learning for Distance Education in SEA 390
The Role of Educational Television in Open and Distance Learning for Sustainable Development 311
Quality Assurance in Printed Learning Materials Production for Distance Education : Experience 364
Dropout in Distance Education : Implication on Quality Assurance 368
Building E-Learning Strategy and Developing E-Learning Action Plan in Higher Education 372
Assessment and Score Delivery of Advanced Courses Programs in Distance Education : A Challenging Task 337
Sustaining The Development of Open University Malaysia’s Tutors Current and Future Framework 334
Continuing Engineering for Sustained Growth 360
Managing Quality in a ODL Institution : The Experience of OUM 367
Participant of Indonesian Student in Asynchronous Online Courses 302
Working Paper from GB Member 351
Culture, Content and Competency Toward English Learning of Students of Open Junior Secondary School 354
Partnership, Public Relation and Institutional Developmant : The Way Universitas Terbuka Attains Center of Excellence in Asia by 2010 and The world by 2020 332
Accreditation of Study Program in Distance Learning in Indonesia 375
Building Integrated Movement of Women Organizations for Women Empowerment in Indonesia Through Practical Session of Distance Learning 338
Open and Distance Learning for Sustainable Development in Cambodia 328
PCU-CAMEL : An Approach to Develop the Instrinsic Motivation on The Student to Learn 434
Distance Education in The Area of Human Capoital : Contribution and Challenges to GMP 290
Collaboration of Universities Enjoying Open Distance Education System in Accessing Equality 357
Open and Distance Learning for Sustainable Development: Lessons from Myanmar 318
Universitas Terbuka: Public And Private Sector Partnership 343
The Study Of Written Electronic Tutorials In The Department Of Mathematics And Science Education 341
Teaching Art Sertificate Program 366
Laboratory Activities For Students Of Universitas Terbuka 371
Open And Distance Education To Promote Sustainable Development Of Indigenous People In Indonesia 313
Science Laboratory Practice For Biology Students Of Universitas Terbuka 369
Reasons For Female Students Studying At Universitas Terbuka 326
Promoting Active Learning In Distance Education Course Materials 345
Quality Tutor And Tutorial For Quality Learning: A Reflection 371
Teaching Language In Distance Learning Context: Indonesian Experience 424
Students In Open And Distance Learning Institutions: Lesson Learnt From Research In Universitas Terbuka 361
Standardizing Test By Involving Other Universities 390

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