Pengaruh Motivasi dan Iklim Organisasi Terhadap Komitmen Organisasi Pegawai Sekretariat Daerah Kota Batam (40573)

The Influence Of Motivation And Organizational Climate On Employee Organizational Commitment Of The Regional Secretariat Of Batam

Universitas Terbuka - 2010

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Organizational commitment is one of the key that determines the success of an organization. Apparatus which has a high commitment to the organization will show a caring attitude towards his work, have the responsibility in carrying out their duties and be loyal to the organization. Based on the background and formulation of the problem, this study aims to analyze the influence of motivation and organizational climate on employee organizational commitment of the Regional Secretariat of Batam. The population in this study were employees of the Public Relations, Division of General and Regional Secretariat of the Protocol Section of Batam amounted to 75 people. Data was collected using questionnaires, variables in this research is independent variable motivation (X I) and Organizational Climate (X2), whereas the related variable is the commitment of the organization (Y I). The results showed that motivation has a significant influence on organizational commitment variable, it is shown with SPSS significance value (0.000) ttable (1992) and organizational climate also have a significant and positive impact on organizational commitment, it is shown by the significant value of SPSS (0.000) ttable (1992), while the motivation and organizational climate collectively having a significant relationship shown by the high significance of SPSS (0000) value of Ftable (3.124). In conclusion in this research is that motivation, organizational climate within the Regional Secretariat of Batam are collectively creating high commitment and certainly will ensure the quality of governance that must be maintained and improved the qualities.

Kata Kunci : Motivation, Organizational Climate And Organizational Commitment.

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