Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kinerja Pegawai Pada Biro Kesejahteraan Rakyat Setda Provinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung


Sulfa Kalsum
Universitas Terbuka, 2010

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The purpose of this research is to investigate what factors affecting the performance of employees in the Bureau of the Provincial Social Welfare Secretariat directly Bangka Belitung Islands, as well as to know the solutions that can be done in overcoming the low employee performance which occurs when or in the future. With regard to this, the researcher wishes to investigate further about the "Factors Affecting Performance of the Bureau of Welfare Officer at the Regional Secretariat Bangka Belitung Islands Province." Data and information in this study were collected by using several techniques such as literature research and questionnaire techniques. Measurements in the Likert scale research instrument that contains a list of questions that must be answered by all respondents. The population in the study were all employees of the Bureau of Social Welfare Secretariat of Bangka Belitung Islands Province of 34 people, therefore the sampling technique is not used in this study because the entire population is used as a sample. This technique is called sampling saturation. Data analysis methods used method of data analysis by multiple linear regression (multiple regression analysis) which is one way in quantitative research, which aims to assess or predict the average value of count (mean) or the average value of the dependent variable on the basis of fixed value (a fixed) which describes the known variables. From the data analysis method used will eventually be made a functional analysis to find the factors that affect the performance of employees at the Regional Secretariat for People's Welfare Bureau Bangka Belitung Islands Province. From the calculation using SPSS 14, the value of R2 indicates a significant value of 0.543 or 54,3%, which means 54,3% performance in the Regional Secretariat of Social Welfare Bureau Bangka Belitung Islands Province is influenced by factors that exist in this study, while 45,7% were influenced by factors outside of this research model.

Keywords: Factors Affecting Performance of Employees On Welfare Bureau
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